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What Counts As Domestic Violence in FL?

Domestic violence counts as a pattern of abusive or violent behavior by a person seeking to control another person through dominance and force.

Domestic violence can happen at any time and is a continuous action that constantly undermines a victim's confidence to leave the abusive person.

Unfortunately, it is very common in the state of Florida.

Man approaching woman aggressively - Domestic Violence in Orlando Florida

In Orlando, Domestic violence refers to any kind of unlawful touching and can include offenses such as assault / battery, spousal abuse, false imprisonment, kidnapping, sexual battery, stalking, or any other offense that causes the physical injury or death of a family member, partner, or household member.

Our domestic violence lawyers in Orlando can assist with any of the following assault charges:

While numerous people hear “domestic violence” and instantly think of a man physically hurting a woman, it is not nearly that simple. Statistically, more women report men for the crime, but there are men whom the women in their lives abuse also.

Additionally, same-sex relationships also participate in relatively high occurrences of domestic violence.

If you are facing conviction of domestic violence charges, you may be ordered to complete:

  • A 26 week batterer’s intervention program
  • Mandatory 12 months of probation
  • Additional community service
  • Loss of gun ownership rights
  • Or an injunction (or no contact) order

Domestic violence cases in Florida are complex, and their answers are not cut and dried.

There is a great deal of favor spread to the victim in most cases.

However, if you face charges with a domestic violence case, you can’t afford to leave it to luck.

These charges are severe and can have a significant, negative impact on your life. You need someone in your corner who has the experience, education, and knowledge to ensure that your rights are defended.

Representing Defense for Clients in Orlando, Florida Domestic Violence Cases

If you plea bargain, you will have a permanent criminal record that can never be sealed or expunged. With so much at stake, it is essential that you contact our law firm as soon as possible, so our domestic violence defense lawyers in Orlando can begin building a strong and customized defense as soon as possible.

Suppose you find yourself in this situation and face conviction for any domestic violence. In that case, it is essential to seek legal counsel from an experienced Orlando domestic violence lawyer immediately after your arrest.

A conviction for any domestic violence can lead to fines and prison time as well as professional consequences and even a loss of your legal custody rights.

Therefore, if you want to avoid or mitigate these charges as much as possible, you need defense counsel you can trust.

Schedule a consultation with a domestic violence attorney serving Orlando, Florida to share the details of your domestic violence case! Call (407) 477-6744 today.

Domestic Violence Injunctions and Restraining Orders

Restraining orders are legal orders of protection, meant to protect someone from future domestic violence.

Often ordering the accused to stay away from the victim, these protective orders quite often save lives.

The state of Florida offers various kinds of restraining orders, which is why it is vital you enlist in the help of an attorney of domestic violence charges in Orlando who can help you file for the correct one for your situation.

The following are the 5 kinds of restraining orders available in the state of Florida:

  • Domestic violence protective order – These are issued if a family or household member commits acts of domestic violence against anyone in Orlando, Florida.
    These include, but are not limited to, assault, battery, stalking, kidnapping, false imprisonment, or any other offense resulting in physical harm or death.
    Abusers in these instances are often current or former spouses, relatives by blood or marriage, etc.
  • Stalking – If anyone is purposely following or harassing you over a period of time and thus causing you stress and fear, this act may raise concern and become a reason for obtaining a restraining order.
  • Repeat domestic violence protective order – This is incurred in which there are 2 instances of violence committed by the abuser. One must be within 6 months of filing the order, and the relationship between the victim and abuser does not matter.
  • Dating domestic violence protective order – This applies to violence between people who are or who have been in a romantic relationship, which must be deemed continuing and significant.
  • Sexual domestic violence protective order – These orders are issue in any instances of sexual battery, luring or enticing a child, sexual performance by a child, forcible felonies involving a sexual act, or lewd or lascivious acts committed on or in the presence of someone younger than 16.

Mazin Law is comprised of dedicated, compassionate, and experienced domestic violence attorneys located in the city of Orlando, Florida, who have one goal in mind: doing our part to protect our clients from harm.

Our attorneys know domestic violence is an incredible issue of concern, which is why we believe there is no time to waste in obtaining the protection you and your family deserves.

If you are considering obtaining a restraining order but don’t know where to turn, allow us to advocate on your behalf during this difficult time.

Protect Your Rights with our Domestic Violence Attorney Today

When you retain the services of Attorney Lyle Mazin at Mazin Law, he will do everything he can to get to the bottom of your charges and to create a compelling defense.

As a domestic violence and criminal defense lawyer in Orlando, Florida, he knows what it takes to represent your best interests.

Having handled thousands of domestic violence cases, he has seen the traumatic experience that the falsely accused must experience. He will stand by your side throughout the process in order to safeguard your rights.

Why Choose Mazin Law?

  • Mazin Law is a criminal defense law firm dedicated to fighting for the rights and futures of individuals who have been arrested and charged with domestic violence.
  • Because a domestic violence conviction can lead to such serious penalties, it is essential that you contact our law firm as soon as possible after you have been arrested or charged.
  • Our domestic violence attorney located in Orlando, Florida has been selected for inclusion in the Super Lawyers® list of 2013-2015, demonstrating his ability to provide effective counsel on our clients' behalves, and he stands ready to provide you with the same.

Get started today on your defense strategy and contact our domestic violence attorneys in Orlando, Florida at (407) 477-6744.

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