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While most couples dream of the perfect marriage, there are a large number of spouses who tend to get into heated arguments. Unfortunately, these alterations can lead to physical or emotional injury caused by one spouse unto the other. When this situation arises, the aggressor is often charged with spousal abuse. This is a serious charge that requires skilled legal representation from an Orlando spousal abuse attorney.

At our firm, we are passionate about fighting for the best possible outcome on behalf of our clients. Over the years, Attorney Lyle Mazin has handled thousands of domestic violence cases and secured many positive case results! We are available 24/7 to provide you with legal counsel and help you get your case started off on the right foot.

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Criminal Defense to Spousal Abuse in Orlando

Once you have been charged, you are typically placed on a restraining order. You will be denied any contact with your abused spouse and will be ordered to complete a batterer’s intervention program. The other penalties you will face will depend upon whether you caused serious bodily harm, whether these acts have been continual, and whether you have a history of abusive behavior.

If you have been charged with spousal abuse in Orlando, there could be defenses available to you including:

  • The incident did not rise to the level of criminal spousal abuse
  • The complaint was motivated by revenge or a desire for leverage in a divorce case
  • Alcohol and drug abuse and their role in a domestic dispute

A large number of charges related to spousal abuse are considered misdemeanors and the penalties can include 6 months to a year in jail. In some instances, you could be charged with a felony and face an extended period of time in prison, especially if there was a weapon present during the altercation.

Avoid the Stigma of Spousal Abuse by Calling Mazin Law!

If your spouse no longer wants to press charges, we can also work with the state’s attorney to help you avoid prosecution. At Mazin Law, Attorney Lyle Mazin knows that you want to avoid the stigma of a domestic violence conviction and that you want to be reunited with your loved ones. When you retain his help, he will not stop until he has invested 100% of his time, energy, and resources into your criminal defense case.

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