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Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney

Are you facing criminal charges in or around Orlando, Florida?

Being charged with a criminal offense can be an intimidating and nerve-racking experience. Suddenly you are thrown into a cold and indifferent legal system with rules and regulations of which you know little, surrounded by people who are bent on implementing those rules with little regard for your circumstances or story. Prosecutors will want to punish you to the full extent of the law and will go to great lengths to characterize you as a despicable criminal. You are often just one more case in the dozens that a judge will review that day or week. You are moved through the legal machine like a game piece with no one really caring what happens, except you, your family, and hopefully your lawyer.

In all of this, your lawyer is your first, last, and best hope. His legal skills, such as his ability to cross-examine a witness, understanding of criminal law, ability to persuade a judge or jury, are critical to your success. He will need a strong focus, a forceful personality, and a dedication to the highest standards of advocacy to fully represent you. Despite any setbacks, he will need to be tough, resourceful, and maintain a never-give-up attitude. There will be many attorneys to choose from; you will want one who will give you the best chance of winning a favorable result, one with the above qualities who has proven results. You will find such an attorney at Mazin Law.

Former Public Defender with Extensive Experience

Orlando criminal defense lawyer Lyle Mazin is the kind of attorney you will want by your side through any criminal justice procedure. He is a former Assistant Public Defender and skilled litigation attorney with extensive experience in jury trials and bench trials. He has handled a broad spectrum of cases from complex felony cases, including first-degree murder, RICO, drug trafficking, rape, carjacking, and burglary to misdemeanor cases including DUI, petit theft, drug crimes, probation violations, and domestic violence. He is an aggressive advocate with a history for prevailing in trial. He also understands the importance of resolving cases favorably before a trial in order to avoid exposing a client to the uncertain prospect of what a jury may decide.

In any matter involving criminal law and trial by jury, the outcome of your case will depend on the judgment, skills, and diligence of your attorney. If you are facing a felony or misdemeanor in or around the Orlando area, you can turn to Attorney Mazin and his dedicated staff for the exceptional legal representation that is so vital to you and your future.

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