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Whether you have been charged with possessing cocaine, marijuana, meth, or a prescription drug, you need to retain hard-hitting legal defense immediately. Be forewarned: you can be charged with drug possession even if you weren't in "actual possession" of the drugs.

Constructive possession is when you are aware that a substance is in your vicinity, that the substance is illegal, and that the substance is close enough for you to actually possess it. The penalties for a drug possession conviction can include jail time, monetary fines, lengthy probation, forfeiture of property and assets, community service, and more, which is why it is vital for you to attain an experienced Orlando drug crimes lawyer.

When you retain the representation of Lyle Mazin, you benefit from the following:

  • He can investigate your arrest.
  • He can examine the actions of law enforcement.
  • He can analyze whether your rights were violated.
  • He can prevent the government from getting overly and unfairly aggressive.
  • He can negotiate on your behalf (to have your charges dropped or reduced or to have you admitted to a diversion program or put on probation instead of sent to jail).
  • He can aggressively defend your best interests, if a trial is unavoidable.

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Do I need an Orlando drug crimes attorney for simple possession?

There is no such thing as "simple possession."

Possessing marijuana under 20 grams, for example, can result in:

  • A first degree misdemeanor conviction
  • A maximum of 365 days in jail
  • A $1,000 fine

Furthermore, prosecutors will sometimes seek additional penalties such as a substance abuse evaluation, counseling and treatment, random drug testing, and a mandatory two-year driver's license suspension.

Let Mazin Law Fight for You!

There are many defenses that could be available to you including mistaken identity, lack of evidence, entrapment, or inability to demonstrate possession of a controlled substance. When you retain Attorney Lyle Mazin from Mazin Law, he will not rest until every stone has been overturned in your case and all relevant questions have been answered. This allows him to determine if the search and seizure process was completed properly, and if the stop was lawful. This can help in building you the strongest defense possible.

If you were charged with possession, discuss your case with Mazin Law in a free consultation.

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