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Field Sobriety Tests in Orlando

Our DUI Attorney Explains What You Need to Know

If you are pulled over because a police officer suspects you of driving under the influence, he or she may ask you to do a series of DUI field sobriety tests. DUI field sobriety tests are used to test a drivers cognitive abilities and if the driver is arrested for a DUI, the results of the tests can be used in court to convict them. If you have been arrested after completing field sobriety tests, you should seek the legal counsel of our Orlando criminal defense lawyer. Without proper representation, you could possibly face harsher penalties than you should for your DUI.

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Field Sobriety Test Procedure in Florida

After you have been pulled over under reasonable suspicion of driving under the influence, the police officer could ask you to complete the field sobriety tests (FSTs). The outcomes of these tests could be used as evidence and the procedure may be recorded on film and used.

Standard and optional FSTs you may be asked to complete include:

  • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus
  • Walk-and-Turn
  • One-Leg Stand
  • Finger-to-Nose Test
  • Romberg Alphabet Test
  • Counting Test

If you explain to the officer that you have physical limitations that prevent you from completing the standardized tests successfully, he or she may ask you to complete the optional tests as a way of demonstrating your cognitive abilities.

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At Mazin Law, we are prepared to provide aggressive and knowledgeable advocacy for your DUI case. Our Orlando DUI attorney can use numerous different defense strategies to challenge your charges, including questioning the training of the officer or the proper administration of the test. Factors like medical conditions, age, gender, weight, and the environment can also affect the outcome of these tests and be used in your defense.

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