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It's essential to fight these charges as soon as possible with the help of an experienced defense lawyer. At Mazin Law, our criminal defense attorney has handled thousands of cases and secured positive results for many of his clients. The firm has been featured on numerous media outlets and established a reputation for aggressive defense and a commitment to excellence.

The sale of a controlled substance is far more severe than simply possessing a controlled substance. Usually, this charge is a third-degree felony resulting in up to 15 years in prison. However, a misdemeanor sale of controlled substances can result in one year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

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Is It a Crime to Sell Drugs?

Generally, the state of Florida considers drug sales as a felony crime. However, drug possession charges without intent to sell could be a misdemeanor crime or an infraction similar to a minor ticket in some states that decriminalize marijuana.

Upon what does a maximum and minimum sentence depend?

Important factors in a drug sales case include the specific type of drug sold, the amount, and the location of the sale. At Mazin Law, the Orlando criminal defense attorney can help you understand the circumstances of your case.


The state requires mandatory minimum sentences when the charges involve certain controlled substances such as marijuana, heroin, or cocaine.

The categories are as follows:

  • Schedule I - Drugs that have a high potential for abuse.
  • Schedule 2 - These have a high potential for abuse, but have severe restrictions in medical use.
  • Schedule 3 - Some potential for abuse is present, but they have been accepted for medical use.
  • Schedule 4 - Medically accepted drugs with low potential for abuse.
  • Schedule 5 - Accepted for medical use with the lowest potential for abuse.


The difference between a drug trafficking and a drug sales charge is the following: while a conviction for drug sales can be based on any amount of a controlled substance, a conviction for drug trafficking must be based on a certain minimum amount.


If the sale occurred within 1,000 feet of certain properties (including religious organizations, schools, or public housing facilities) it is a first-degree felony, punishable by up to 30 years in prison and / or a $10,000 fine.

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