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Common Types of Juvenile Crime in Florida

If you are the parent of a son or daughter who is facing juvenile crime charges in the Orlando area, getting competent legal representation is vital to ensure that your child's future is protected. Juveniles under the age of 18 who are accused of crimes are handled by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, which is a separate legal system from the criminal justice system for adults. The juvenile justice system focuses on rehabilitation as opposed to punishment. Its procedures are different than those of adult criminal procedures and having an attorney who is familiar with them is important.

Juvenile crimes include those that an adult may commit, such as:

Juvenile crimes can also include other theft crimes, vandalism, trespassing, traffic violations, assault and battery, and gang-related activities. They also include offenses unique to individuals below the age of 18, such as underage drinking, truancy, curfew violations, driving without a driver’s license, or using a fake ID to purchase alcohol.

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Ensuring that your child has skilled legal representation can make the difference in how his or her case evolves and its final results. Because of his experience and background as a former assistant public defender and skilled Orlando criminal defense attorney, Attorney Mazin is a top choice for defending your child in hearings or a trial before a Juvenile Justice Judge and against assertions by state attorneys. Don't let your child's future be destroyed by a possible juvenile mistake; get the competent legal help you need for a strong defense.

At Mazin Law, Orlando criminal defense attorney Lyle Mazin is highly qualified in all criminal law matters, including those involving juveniles. Keeping your child's case out of adult court and within the juvenile system is vital when trying to avoid harsher penalties. Attorney Mazin understands what is at stake and will do what he can on your child's behalf.

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