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Sex crimes are some of the most serious criminal offenses in Florida and the rest of the United States. Before being formally charged with a crime, mere accusations can end your career, tarnish your reputation, and cause damage to your personal relationships. Unfortunately, sometimes people make false accusations against others to intentionally ruin their lives, which is why it is important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney defend you during this situation.

If you are facing false allegations for an alleged sex crime in Orlando, let Mazin Law fight for you. Attorney Lyle Mazin is an award-winning defense attorney who has extensive trial-tested experience as a public defender. He understands what it takes to show the court, the public, and the media that you are innocent.

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Common Types of False Allegations

False claims are often made by someone who is close you, whether it’s a current or former spouse, dating partner, family member, neighbor, or disgruntled employee or coworker. These allegations are made for various reasons.

Common examples of false allegations include:

  • Retaliation – For instance, a soon-to-be-ex spouse claims that you committed sexual assault to gain leverage in divorce or child custody proceedings.
  • Embarrassment – Commonly known as “buyer’s remorse,” the accuser may have initially consented to sex, but later regretted their actions. Out of embarrassment or shame, they may claim that you committed a sex crime.
  • Mistaken identity – Since sex crimes typically occur in dimly lit locations or involve intoxication from alcohol or drugs, it is easy for someone to genuinely believe you are the alleged offender, despite their mistake.

If your accuser has a specific motive, the allegations against you will be viewed as illegitimate by the court. Your attorney can gather the evidence from cellphone records and eyewitness accounts, determine the facts of the case, and build a strong and effective defense strategy to help you avoid being charged.

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Our firm is committed to prove your innocence beyond a reasonable doubt. We understand how false accusations can turn your life upside, which is why we are here to get your life back on track.

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