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Not all criminal instances of domestic violence will involve physical conflict, such as sexual battery or spousal abuse. Many people find themselves charged with domestic violence due to alleged verbal assault, also called verbal abuse.

It can be particularly difficult to defend oneself from verbal assault charges due to the fact that physical evidence, like an audio recording of the alleged crime, is rarely present.

People accused of this crime find themselves in a precarious “word-against-word” situation.

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Legal Definition of Verbal Assault

Domestic violence occurs when a family member, partner, or household member intentionally tries to harm another, either mentally or physically. Legally defined, verbal assault is a form of domestic violence that occurs if such an individual intentionally tries to damage the mental or emotional wellbeing of someone through their words, spoken or written.

Examples of behavior that can constitute verbal assault includes:

  • Threats of violence that are not followed by physical action
  • Belittling or embarrassing comments
  • Attempts to isolate someone from friends or family
  • Coercing someone for a benefit, or for their disadvantage

Is verbal assault a crime? Unless the verbal assault was extreme and lasted a considerable duration, a court or police officer might not find that one instance of verbal assault is enough to warrant charges. Instead, most verbal abuse cases involve repeated and frequent occurrences.

“Two Wrongs” Defense to Verbal Abuse Cases

It is not uncommon for someone to be accused of verbal abuse following a heated argument. There is certainly some prosecutorial fragility to cases that hinge upon a quarrel or disagreement between two family members. If a person on one side of such a situation can be accused of verbal assault, then so can the other. It makes more legal sense, and benefits both parties, to charge neither people with domestic violence.

Depending on the details of your case, this defense could be applicable.

Act Quickly & Defend Yourself from Verbal Assault Charges

If you are convicted of verbal assault in Florida as part of a domestic violence case you could be:

  • Fined
  • Jailed
  • and stripped of child custody rights

You should do all you can to defend your rights and reputation by seeking legal counsel as soon as possible. Start out with a free case evaluation with an Orlando criminal defense lawyer from Mazin Law, allowing you to get pointed in the right direction without having to reach for your pocketbook first.

Accused of verbal assault? Call today to start discussing your case with our domestic violence lawyer in Orlando.

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