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Blogs from August, 2016

Dr. Phil and Mazin Law Join Forces

While our criminal justice system focuses on punishment, every so often it produces a glorious story of rehabilitation.

Together with the Dr. Phil show and the support of State Attorney Jeff Ashton's office, my firm, Mazin Law, was able to make this story become a reality.

Yesterday, my client who was charged with his third violation of probation, in two separate felony cases, had his violations dismissed and his probation terminated.

In spite of his run-ins with the law, a criminal my client was not. He was an addict caught up in a system.

Dr. Phil generously agreed to provide over $50,000 worth rehabilitation to my client. However, the client was in violation of probation and faced 10 years of prison; not rehab. His probation officer refused to let him travel to partake in the rehab and was seeking prison.

We reached out to State Attorney Jeff Ashton's Office and with a little convincing they were graciously on board with the idea of working to help this young man recapture his future.

Together we convinced the court to allow the client to partake in the rehab in lieu of prison. Today this young man has successfully completed rehab, is healthy, happy and free of the criminal justice system.

After dismissing the violation of probation charges, the court threw him a congratulatory pat on the back and terminated his remaining probation.

My client is currently in line for a promotion at his job, Dr. Phil has produced another success story and I got a snazzy plaque from the Dr. Phil Show!

Lyle Holding Plaque

Dr. Phil Plaque

Written by Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney Lyle B. Mazin, Esq.

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