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Blogs from December, 2023

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Domestic violence allegations can be incredibly stressful and challenging for everyone involved, particularly if you are the one being accused. Many individuals who are charged with domestic violence in Florida may be tempted to reach out to their accusers and ask them to drop the charges. However, doing so could prove to be a disastrous decision.

In this blog post, we will discuss why you shouldn't ask an accuser to drop the charges in a Florida domestic violence case. Understanding the impact of this request is critical to your case's outcome and can help you prepare accordingly.

Why You Shouldn't Ask an Accuser to Drop the Charges in a Florida Domestic Violence Case

It is not advisable to ask a domestic violence accuser to drop charges, even if you're innocent. It could result in more legal problems, and it could be used against you in court. Here are a few of the issues you could run into if you ask a domestic violence accuser to drop the charges in Florida:

  • The accuser has no power: In Florida, if someone calls the police and accuses another individual of domestic violence, they cannot take the charges back, even if they wanted to. This means that the accuser cannot drop the charges even if they want to. The only person who can dismiss the charges is the prosecutor.
  • You could face more penalties: While talking to your accuser might seem like a good idea, it could result in more penalties against you. In some cases, it can result in additional charges, which can make the situation worse for you. In other situations, reaching out to the accuser could result in more negative evidence being introduced against you. It can also result in your bail being denied, leaving you stuck behind bars until the hearing.
  • It could be viewed as an admission of guilt: Contacting the accuser and asking them to drop the charges can be taken as an admission of guilt. This can be used against you in court, and it could hurt your case. It is always best to let an experienced criminal defense lawyer handle these situations for you.
  • You could subject yourself to a restraining order: If you contact your accuser after they have filed restraining orders against you, this could result in more charges for violating an order of protection. This makes it even more crucial to let your criminal defense lawyer handle these matters on your behalf.
  • It could make things worse for your future: Domestic violence charges could be life-altering, and this is why you must take them seriously. By asking your accuser to drop the charges, you are potentially making things worse for your future. This could negatively affect future job opportunities, housing situations, and even custody battles.

Facing Domestic Violence Charges in Orlando, FL? Contact Us Today!

As a defendant, it is always best to let your criminal defense lawyer handle these matters. They will know the right steps to take to help you build a strong defense strategy and give you the best chance to get these charges dropped or dismissed.

Do not hesitate to contact our experienced criminal defense lawyers at Mazin Law if you have been charged with domestic violence in Orlando, Florida. As our case results prove, we have a long history of helping our clients overcome criminal charges of all types, including getting the charges against many of them reduced or dismissed.

Give us a call at (407) 477-6744 or contact us online today to discuss your situation with our domestic violence defense attorneys in Orlando, FL.

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